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About the British and International Group

We have been hosting social networking events since December 2015. We have grown our attendance steadily over the months and now regularly get 40-60 people at our events.

Our attendees

Many of our attendees are expats (not just British but many other nationalities). People of all nationalities are welcome at our events. We always get a good mix of people including plenty of locals.

Age Range

We get everyone from students to middle-aged business people and married couples.


We are happy to have students at our events so if you want to do some networking and make connections then please attend!

Business people

Networking for business opportunities or partnerships is definitely something that happens at our events. We do try to invite people from a wide range of sectors and industries, including investors and financiers, lawyers, company secretaries and many other professions. Hopefully you will find someone interesting to connect with.

Married couples

We are a married couple so you won’t be the only couple attending! It’s a good opportunity to expand your social circle and meet new people so please come along.

Reasons to attend

Our attendees come to our events for many reasons:

  • unwind after work
  • expand their social circle
  • new in town wanting to make friends
  • business opportunities, and partnerships
  • looking for a job

Our Venues

For events held during the week we usually hold them at central locations (Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay). At the weekends we are able to hold events outside the CBD (Central Business District).

Typically our event will be from 7pm to 10pm although people arrive before 7pm and they are still people around long after 10pm usually (depending when the venue closes). You can drop by our event any time between 7-10pm.

Guest policy

We encourage you to bring guests with you to our events. We are always looking for new people to attend so please bring along anyone you think would like our events. We provide a wrist tag to all attendees so that the venue owner knows they are from our group (we always try to arrange special deals on drinks for our guests). It also helps us know how many people attend (this helps us negotiate the best deal we can with venue owners).

Newbie Friendly

We understand it can be difficult to attend a networking event when you don’t know anybody. We can encourage first timers who are nervous to turn up before the event starts, 6:30pm or before, to meet us. We always arrive at the event venue by 6:30pm so a good opportunity to introduce yourself while it’s quiet.


Whatever your reason for attending you are welcome at our events!

The best way to get notified about upcoming events is to join our mailing list.