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Until recently all of our British Group events were posted on InterNations.

We decided to move away from this platform recently. From now on we will organise and post our events on the British and International Group website and other platforms such as and EventBrite.

Reasons we left InterNations

InterNations capped the number of RSVP’s for our events

It takes a lot of work and effort to organise an event, including:

  • Scouting suitable locations
  • Contacting the venue owners
  • Arranging venue and date
  • Posting event details on InterNations
  • Messaging members about the event
  • Posting photos after the event

After working hard to arrange events that are popular and are well attended we found that our events are subject to a cap.

Events that are popular should not be capped, success should be rewarded not penalised.

InterNations doesn’t want us to use other platforms

Cross promoting our event on multiple platforms increases the number of potential attendees as not everyone uses InterNations. Limiting the platforms we can use to promote our event makes it harder to reach potential attendees.

It is not to the benefit of the event organisers, venues or attendees to limit the platforms used to promote events. Only InterNations benefits at the expense of everyone else.

InterNations allows only paid up members to know the venue location

We welcome first timers to our events. Growing the number of people who attend our events is important and we don’t turn people away. However, InterNations does not want us to share the venue location with non-paid up members.

In conclusion, we decided that successfully growing our events would be best achieved outside of the InterNations platform.