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W e have been hosting events for six months and in that time we have established a network of valuable contacts, we would like to partner with wine vendors to add value to our social networking events. We don’t want to exclude anyone who currently enjoys our events so we are operating under a number of constraints.

Those constraints are:

  • Due to work commitments many of our guests are not able to attend at a set time
  • No charge for our events
  • Our events attract people with a wide range of interests so single interest events don’t work well for us
  • Weekday events, we only host events during the week

Work commitments

W e know from experience that our guests arrive at widely different times, from before the event starts to several hours into the event.

The work day is different for everyone, some people have late afternoon meetings or conference calls or unexpected work issues that stop them arriving at the scheduled time for our event. Our events don’t require any specific time to arrive and we prefer to keep it that way.

No charge

W e don’t charge for any of our networking events. This does limit the type of event we can organise – some events that require significant upfront costs are not suitable for example.

Not everyone wants to make an upfront commitment to attend an event, especially if their job requires them to travel or attend meetings at the last minute.

No single interest events

People have a wide range of interests and we don’t want to limit the number of attendees by limiting the event to one particular interest.

Weekday events

To keep our weekends free for ourselves we organise events during the week.

We are looking to partner with wine vendors for some of our upcoming events

Social Networking with a glass of wine

There are many independent small wine importers in Singapore and we know many of our members enjoy wine. We are looking to partner with vendors for upcoming events but because of the constraints mentioned above we don’t think a traditional wine tasting format is suitable.

That is why we are considering an alternative format. This is what we propose:

Wine Tokens

wine tokens

As   guests arrive they can purchase a wine token that can be exchanged for a glass of wine from our partner. Our partner would provide a range of wines to choose from: White, Red, Rose, Sparkling wines etc.

The price of wine tokens would be subject to agreement with the wine vendor but we are targeting vendors who supply wine at reasonable prices (mid-market not high end), for that you would get a standard measure of wine. The advantage of this approach is that guests who are not wine drinkers can still attend, they just don’t buy any tokens.

Guests who like wine can buy a few tokens, as few or as many as they like, plus they can always go back to the counter to buy some more during the night.

This means people who arrive half way through the event don’t miss out. They can still try the full range of wines.

People who have specific tastes, they only like white wine or red wine or prefer fruity full-bodied wines can stick with what they like rather than having to try all the wines.

Wine samples are provided to members at the wine vendors discretion.

The counter to buy tokens would be open from 7-9pm. By then most people would have decided what wine they prefer. After 9pm no more tokens are available but guests can register with us to have bottles of wine delivered to them. We will aggregate requests for individual bottles with the wine vendor and provide a collection service for our members. That way the wine vendor benefits from receiving bulk orders and the responsibility for individual deliveries is with us.


W hat do you think of this approach? Does it sound like something you would like us to organise? Any feedback would be appreciated.